Family celebration day

For a family celebration I chose the Asakura Sansho, which bears fruit. Out of several numbers, the one I liked very much was the tree with the larvae of the swallowtail butterfly on its leaves. They are very pretty.
You move around quite a lot in this half day, don’t you?

Prickly Ash is very sensitive and difficult to coexist with. In natural forests, it often lives on the mountain slopes at the headwaters where rivers are formed.

I prayed for all stakeholders and partner memberships to be enriched with beauty of mind and heart.

We manage the frequency with our aesthetic and spiritual senses without the use of machines.
From 2018, please pay your taxes fairly, rich and poor, and do not take advantage of the system.


日本円にレート変換します。SME: small and Midiam enterpriner

パートナーシップ 琴音 美しく和やかに



Thank you,I am Architect philosopher and Healer of shrub and tree. My bright garden and daily trip of life encourage the growth of plants and spirits. I promote a photograph have to make tenacious efforts to enrich our life. wood design studio Inc.