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There are 9 psychological reasons why people make fun of others
Hiding embarrassment
Puzzled or confused
You want to make people feel at ease.
You want to make you smile.
You want to make him/her feel comfortable
You want a chance.
You want to deceive
You want to ease the tension.
You don’t like it

Local characteristics exist. It also depends on the social situation, whether it is capitalist or democratic. We try not to create hierarchies as an improvement to eliminate inequalities. We are friendly to all, but we distinguish between private and business. The boundaries of the relationship can be blurred in some areas.

The younger you are mentally, the more likely you are to be uttered in some kind of language.
The relationship between spirituality and aura energy can also be seen in the colours emitted from the body. A person who is doing bad deeds is black in my eyes. The body language is the most influential.

Here are some things to keep in mind when listening to gender questions and ideas

Personally, I have an aversion to cultures that put up men.
The Edo period patriarchal system, the expression of masculinity and femininity and the neutral position make it difficult for me to live in Japan.

My bones are in their seventies. I have osteoporosis. I have osteoporosis, a congenital anomaly that causes me to age faster than most. I won’t mention my age, but how old do I look in the picture? It is because of the fragility of the bones that the patient is not bedridden and does aerobic exercise.

Every now and then I read an article in Messe Frankfurt that inspires me again.
If there is such a market in Japan, art and art colleges will be revitalised.

When the demand for something to be created and made and the supply and demand of those who buy the work meet perfectly, satisfaction is created for both parties.
There is a lot of demand for what we want to make, but in reality there is so much stuff out there that we have to select our messes. The market is a mere 0.01% of a billion people. The selection process is very strict in all markets. In Japan there is a judging system, but it’s a pity that people don’t like it. But the similarities and differences come together.
Good luck finding a place that suits you!



The chance



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