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The jury’s criteria for determining whether an object is genuine or fake is whether it is possible to see through it transparently without having to dismantle it to see what is inside.

Although there is currently no legal problem in Japan, the question of whether a product is genuine or authentic, or whether it is made up of similar parts, is subject to litigation in countries other than Japan.

As to why I am using the c mark on my photos, I have applied to the US tax authorities for approval under the Paris Convention. The reason why I have put the c-mark on my photo is because I have applied to the U.S. Tax Administration and it has been approved as of June 2021. It is proof of ownership. The c mark is the Berne Convention. The c mark is the Berne Convention, to which different countries are parties.

To the university professor
Please review the treaty.
We buy what we really want, who made it.
We are more than happy for you to be proud of it.
Would you sell us a work or product that you are not proud of?

It’s easy for anyone to do business if they want to.

International standards, the smallest unit. A team of two or even four people can qualify without subsidy. I will not cooperate with the Japanese government. The EU is the governing law and the Global Privacy Law applies.

SEKKAGAKU License Agreement
The SEKKAGAKU licence agreement in Japan is for a period of two months, with the possibility of renewal or termination, starting on 26 March 2022. The agreement will start on 26 March 2022. The fee per month is €9000. I am an SME. Artwork is not free of charge.

Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for the high quality of your service and the progress of the Earth in Space ship.

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How much is this? If you ask for the price of an artwork, we will not sell it.



Thank you,I am Architect philosopher and Healer of shrub and tree. My bright garden and daily trip of life encourage the growth of plants and spirits. I promote a photograph have to make tenacious efforts to enrich our life. wood design studio Inc/SEKKAGAKU