Effective December 1, 2022, the data for electronic communication devices will be joint with my association and a partner commercial corporation headquartered in the United States.
As for social networking sites, please refer to the following.
-Twitter Please read the Twitter privacy policy here.
-Instgrum (EU-USA,UK) GDPR privacy law strictly observed 
-Linkdin (2/9blocks)

SEKKAGAKU conection (GDPR/CCPA:california Privacy Right Policy law)
When we collaboration is shine the light law 1798.83
We install DPO and conduct business within the designated area.
by wood design studio and wood design studio Inc.-wood design 工房 株式会社(非公開株式)

With regard to the business you are developing, focus on one thing and give it priority. Audiotr
Auditors and auditors and students of international financial accounting standards (UK)
High quality quality training for the MANAGER class shall be done directly on site.
We speak and communicate from the heart. There is no pretense.

The system is designed to make individuals liable for triple taxation if they join the Japanese social insurance and employee pension schemes.
In 2020, Russia and Japan were the only two countries that were found to be significantly underpaying in terms of tax avoidance and taxation.
There are many problems with the system, structure and legislation.
We use this management approach because we have children under the age of 16.

We will adhere to ACCA Etiquette and Professionalism.

From 2020, the wood development experiment will be terminated and the team will be disbanded if the product is not ready for commercialization in December.
No consolidation

*As of 24 November, it became clear that the product could not be adapted in December, so the product development and the ingredient experiment requested by the other party were cancelled.
The hardwood timber from Gifu Prefecture will be properly set up and processed after 6 February.

Incorporation was opened for trade in 2017, but the actual accounting and accounting will depend on the work involved.
Seasonal work and seasonal work terminated as of November 17, 2022. Seasonal work and seasonal jobs were terminated as of November 17, 2022.

-Business undermining Actions against individuals who are adding to or questioning past events without checking should be directed to the board member or CEO of the organisation to which they belong and the ILO and FBI should be notified.
Specifically, there was one case where a company that was not directly involved in the contract collected and stole past personal information and penalised an individual for past events that had been resolved under a contract that was paid for by the company.
I would like to point out that the company is an IFRS compliant company, but the productivity benefits are being used for other things than what they are supposed to be and for human rights violations. I have notified the CEO of this Japanese company to cease trading.

Healer shall be a charitable activity that leads to healing.
 Healer shall be a one-time-only, one-time-on-site cure, with the remainder of the healing process being moderated by natural healing power, the individual’s own immune system, and will.
 -The rest will be moderated by the natural healing power, the person’s immune system and his/her own will.
 -I will record your personal information (name, phone number) for my records.
 -I will not contact you.
– I will immediately record any discrepancies and keep the data (and may disclose it from time to time).
  We may investigate and submit the information to government agencies in various countries.
-I will advise and collaborate with physicians and health care professionals (global).

I have a family of three with two children. single parent family

We are debt free and starting up a health tech care business in the US in 2018.
I am unable to invest directly. Energy conversion and individual contracts (verbal and electronic data).
But I will not be acquired.
I will remain independent and work in Japan for a short period of time with a partner company with a purpose and a dream.
Insurance is not applicable.

I live with the possibility of becoming bedridden at the age of 40, which was pointed out to me 6 years ago.
I chose to become a CPA because it fits my character, temperament, and traits, and I have a lot of time left to live.
I decided that it was a good fit for my character, temperament, and traits and decided to reverse the calculations based on the amount of time I have left to live and registered as a student starting in March 2022.

My sensory memory has not changed much from when I lived in the United States.
I am grateful to the person who can attest to this for interacting with me and accepting me.
Thank you.

I work for a period of time with intense passion.
I lose track of time and immerse myself, but time remembers.
We fast-turn and advance the project with an eye on the present and the future.
The basic principle is 1:1.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare MEDISO Jurisdiction Healer
Supplier audits practiced in accordance with the organization will be performed only when nominated.
In Japan, it shall be done with approval.By placing a heart mark on Instgram, the customer
deemed to have agreed to and approved the above.

Dispute resolution will be in accordance with Twitter’s Privacy Policy and Rules.
From December 1, 2022 to February 6, 2023 The offer is valid from December 1, 2022 until February 6, 2023.

Please be responsible for your own goals and work hard to achieve them.
There are 9 assessors.

If you partner with me after March 1, 2023, it will be the first JV (Joint Venture) in Japan.
Please understand that this will be the first JV (joint venture) in Japan. I will be the dispatched director. It depends on the size of the organization.

2022年12月1日より電子通信機器のデーターは私が所属している協会及び米国に本社があるパートナーの営利法人とjointする。  GDPR \CCPAが適応となります。CEST 9:00
-Twitter プライバシーポリシーはこのTwitterの規定をご拝読ください
-Instgrum (EU>USA,UK) GDPR個人情報保護法厳守 
-Linkdin (2/9blocks)
by wood design studio and wood design studio Inc.-wood design 工房 株式会社

展開する事業に関しては、一つに絞り優先すること。 Audiotr
監査員及び審査員 そして国際財務会計基準を学ぶ学生(イギリス)

ACCA エチケットandプロフェッショナルを遵守します。

2020年より木材開発 実験に関しては、12月商品化に適合できなければ終了しチームは解散します。



ービジネスにおいて貶してくる 過去の出来事に対してのミスを加算してくる行為や確認せずに疑ってくる人への対応は所属されている組織のボードメンバーまたはCEOへ連絡しILO及びFBIへ通知するものとする

適切な心 精神 霊性 身体のケアーは米国も日本も州や行政機関は適切にされていません。とっても危険な地帯である。死後 人間または生物に生まれ変わった時に後遺症やトラウマとなり病気や犯罪をする可能性が高くなります

 -現場で1回限りにて1回で治すこと、回復に向かい残りは自然治癒力とご本人の免疫力と意志によって中庸にな る。
  調査し各国 の政府機関へ提出することがあります


なぜ公認会計士を選んだか 、自身の性格と気質、特質に適合していると判断し残りの生きることができる時間


時間を忘れて没頭する しかし時間は覚えている

厚生労働省 MEDISO管轄 ヒーラー






I am mediator at USA,and student at UK.(ACCA) My bright garden and daily trip of life encourage the growth of plants and spirits.Thank you very much. wood design studio Inc./SEKKAGAKU works of wood of Art (with IT education and praivacy policies and health legal.) wörtlich übersetzt Schnee Blume Freude Glück hält ewig an und das Rohholz wird schön in Ihr Leben aufgenommen. Trade marke region are Europe Union,United of Kingdom and Japan.